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    New Staff at The Lewis Clinic!

    Welcome to our website and thank you for taking the time to visit us. Since 1980 The Lewis Clinic has provided high quality chiropractic care to people living in the Fremont area of Seattle, WA. We are excited to announce that there are many changes going on here in recent months!

    First off, the clinic is under new ownership and management as of September, 2014. Some of you may have heard of Dr. Jeff Finnigan from his reputation in the Olympia area helping many people there with their headaches and pains for so many years. Dr. Finnigan and Dr. Lewis have been friends for many years and we are proud to announce he is taking over ownership starting immediately.

    Lastly, there are so many of you that Dr. Lewis has helped over the years and we have heard so much about many of you that we want to extend a very special invitation for you to come and visit the clinic!

    We wanted to make it “an offer you can’t refuse”, so we have teamed up with Literacy Source, a local non-profit organization that helps adults learn to read and from now and through the end of February you can come into the office, get a free checkup and Atlas Orthogonal adjustment for a donation of your choice to Literacy Source. A win-win for everyone!

    Give us a call at (206) 632-3226 to schedule your appointment today and help someone learn to read!

    Looking forward to meeting you all soon!

    In Health,

    Dr. Finnigan

    *find out more about Literacy Source at


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